Bullwhackers now a 'Big Deal' for video poker players in Colorado

Wednesday, September 01, 2010


When most people convert their basement into a game room, they don’t do it quite on the scale of what Bullwhackers has done recently. By converting their basement into a usable area for gamers, the Black Hawk casino has positioned itself as the place to be for video poker aficionados.

The new Big Deal Video Poker Room is a space exclusively dedicated to video poker, with 120 video poker machines, a full bar, waitstaff and a host of other amenities. The remodel makes the room one of the best spaces for video poker lovers in the state of Colorado.

“It’s something that we’ve wanted to do,” said Zach Peterson, marketing manager for Bullwhackers, “to establish an opportunity for more experienced video poker players to be treated like VIPs. We wanted to give them more. There are payout deals on sequential royals, promotions exclusively for video poker players, the ‘Four-of-A-Kind of the Day gives you $25 and t-shirt in addition to your winnings — there are just a lot of payouts and promotions specific to this room.”

Since its inception in 1992, Bullwhackers Casinos has provided premier gaming by listening to what customers have said they want, meeting those requests and providing a “No Bull” gaming experience. From exclusive areas like Penny Heaven to giving video poker the attention it deserves, Bullwhackers prides itself in finding out what its customers want from their gaming experience.

“Typically, you’ll find that gamblers evolve to the stage of video poker,” said Peterson, “because if you play it well, you can reduce the odds of the casino. If you’re a good video poker, you’re probably playing because you want more control of your destiny. The Big Deal Video Poker Room is there for those players.”

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